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Latest Football News 11/10/2013

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Here is the latest football news.

Robbie Keane Injured

Robbie Keane who currently plays for LA Galaxy is injured and may be unable to play in the Republic of Ireland’s World Cup qualifier against Germany. Manager Noel King has said, “He’s got a little kick on it. It’s something that comes and goes with him so it’s a worry, when he wakes up in the morning, we will get at it straight away.” The manager added, “he is healing, and that’s the process, so he’s being tended to and we are hoping he will be ready for Friday; if he doesn’t make it, we are hoping he will be ready for the next game. There’s no question of going home or anything like that. He’s still in squad.”

Football Association’s Race Equality Speak Views On English Players

There has been much coverage about Arsenal player Jack Wilshere’s comments on English players. Opinions seems varying, whatever your views on the quantity of English players- whether you agree or disagree with this sensitive issue, the chairman of the Football Association’s race equality advisory group Yunus Lunat made a statement regarding the comments. Lunat affirmed, “Wilshere is entitled to his opinion but needs to be clear in his definition of ‘English’ players.”

Lunat added, “He should be given an opportunity to come back and explain what he meant. He has opened up that can of worms. The sort of players that are representing our country – and are likely to in the future – are those that have made this country their home, so why should they not represent England? He seems to be saying that a lot of these players are not capable – both from a competency point of view and through qualifications – of playing for England. At the moment, it is very unclear and I find it uncomfortable.”

& Jack Wilshere’s Views

So what did Wilshere say? The 21 year old footballer initially said “If you live in England for five years, it doesn’t make you English. We have to remember what we are. We are English. We tackle hard, are tough on the pitch and are hard to beat.”

The Arsenal player has since said, “To be clear, never said ‘born in England’ – I said English people should play for England. My view on football – going to a new country when you’re an adult, and because you can get a passport you play for that national team – I disagree.”

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